We Now Take A Break For… Questions??

Today I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to bring you a glimpse into the future (didn’t know I was a prophetess, did you?) and a Very Important Piece of Information.

I love questions.  I love asking them (one of my most often used words is ‘why’– both the adult version and the 5-year-old simple version) and I love answering them.  If you fantastic readers have questions, I want to hear them!  Sometimes they’re something I can answer in a comment, other times I will devote a whole (or partial) blog post to answering them.


Coming up on IWG are a lot of topics I’m excited to share.  If you have any questions at all, including if you have questions about any of these topics, please comment below (or on any post, really) or send me an email at intuitivewritingguide[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • If it’s Not Fantasy, What IS It? A discussion of the ‘fantasy without magic’ subgenre.
  • To Be or Not to Be – how to sort your books into their correct genre/s.
  • Writing Romance – how important is chemistry, reader shipping, the infamous love triangles and how to give them a fresh spin, how to write Reverse Harem/complicated love shape stories well
  • Writing Friendships- chemistry; bromance, womance, and opposite gender; casual friendships to deep friendships, why friendships are just as important as romance
  • Mary Sues, Gary Stus and realism
  • How worried should you be about writing strong female characters?
  • Showing vs telling, is it as important as everyone says?
  • I’m so tired of hearing ‘write what you know’, is it vital or can I ignore it?
  • The importance of letting your story sit and rest
  • Authors + Readers – when to listen, when not to listen, how to have good relationships, key things to remember
  • Author platforms – IS there any one right way?


Stop back on Monday for a post on the psychology of why/how authors react differently to beta comments vs. editor comments… and why that’s a GOOD thing.

You’re all fantastic people and I love reading your comments.  Until next time… Merry Writing!


3 thoughts on “We Now Take A Break For… Questions??

  1. A.L. Nguyen says:

    Hi there! I’m a long time reader of fantasy, but recently I stumbled across a novel that appeared to be a high fantasy since it had magical elements like dark magic, gods, and such. However, when I looked at the label, its genre was sci-fi. Baffled, I tried to research more into the topic and found that there’s actually a fine line between fantasy and sci-fi. By any chance do you know anything about what distinguishes a sci-fi novel with fantasy elements from a fantasy novel with sci-fi elements?

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    1. intuitivewritingguide says:

      Hi, A.L.!

      In a nutshell, the difference is the foundation. If the foundation is science with fantasy elements- it’s sci-fi. If the foundation is fantasy with some science thrown in, it’s technically fantasy. Usually (there are always exceptions) the main difference comes via the world/worldbuilding. If the world is more futuristic and the author used mostly science and futurism to build it, it’s sci-fi. If they mostly reached into magic, history, or pure imagination with little scientific grounding, it’s fantasy.

      Some authors prefer not to figure out which it is and just call it ‘science fantasy’. (Which is usually my preferred method, as well.)

      [It’s also worth remembering that sometimes books are just classified incorrectly and should be called something different from their stated genre.]

      I hope this helps and I’ll be doing a full post on Science Fantasy in a few weeks.

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