Writing Characters 101: Emotional Plausibility – Background

When you look at any character, the list of what makes them memorable will differ from the list of what makes another memorable, because part of that is found in the uniqueness of each.  You wouldn't want an entire cast of characters who say the exact opposite of what they mean, but in one character... Continue Reading →

Writing Characters 101: Where Do You Start?

How do I make 3D characters?  How do I craft memorable people over whom my readers will laugh, cry, and be angry? Advice on how to properly build and write characters is cheaper than a dime a dozen.  Type a quick search into Google or Pinterest, and you'll get thousands of hits.  Sometimes it's hard... Continue Reading →

Genre 101: Historical Fiction

Greetings writers, readers, editors, and anyone else who happens to be reading this post for some reason!  I’m back today to discuss the genre of Historical Fiction (and to apologize to everyone for being so long AWOL). While Fantasy is often considered (in our day and age) to be 'the one genre to rule them... Continue Reading →

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