A…Bear? ~ Snow White and Rose Red Prompt

This month’s fairy tale over at Fairy Tale Central is one of my favorites. It doesn’t see a lot of love (let’s change that, shall we?) but it’s a beautiful tale of sisters, kindness, greediness, and curses. It isss…


Snow White and Rose Red


I have so many ideas for retelling this tale, let me tell you.


SW-RR proper


Many thanks to my writing partner for giving advice on my exhaustion-addled prompt attempts at midnight last night. (Moving is tiring, folks.)


If you want to re-read the original tale, you can find it HERE.

Want suggestions for how to use the prompt?

  • Combine it/the original story with your favorite fanfic AU prompt. Roaring 20s Snow White and Rose Red? Fighter pilot SW & RR? ‘Complete personality opposites attract’ romantic pairing?
  • Set it in a world you can expand later with more fairy-tale prompts.
  • Set it in the world of one of your current WIPs.
  • Choose a historical era at random and set it then. (Medieval Mongolia?)
  • To really mix it up, choose a genre at random, one other than fantasy. (Post-apocalyptic SW & RR?)



  • It DOES NOT have to be a complete short story. Just a scene is fine. The point is to have fun and give yourself permission to play with something new or (if you’ve already retold this story) revisit an old world from a different perspective.
  • You DON’T have to write it with an eye toward turning into something longer…but don’t hold back from it either.


Just take the prompt and write a scene that includes this dialogue. Then come back here and leave your link in the comments. You can still write for it if you don’t have a blog (or tumblr or FB), you just won’t be able to post the link with everyone else.

That’s it!

Faith and Christine and I will also write scenes for this and post them on our blogs (click on our names for our personal blogs) later this month.


One of my favorite parts of every month is getting to read YOUR scene responses. I love seeing what spin you each put on the original.


Merry Writing!

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