Arielle Bailey is an INTJ, story critic, and aspiring published author.

She taught herself to read when she was four and a half, and began to devour every written word in sight.  At the age of seven she picked up a pencil and began to write her first story; which had a clear beginning but not really a middle or an end and was inevitably dropped a few years later.  Despite that failure, writing continued to consume more and more hours of her day but she refuses to tell anyone how many stories she has finished nor how many are in progress or waiting to be written.

Aside from writing original fiction in a variety of genres, her passion is helping writers to improve their craft with timeless principles as well as lessons gleaned from authors past and present.  She hopes someday to head her own small publishing company.

In her spare moments, she enjoys finding more books to devour and critique, watching and critiquing Asian dramas, beta reading for friends, and editing stories and organizing blog tours for authors.

You can taste her fiction writing and find more of her snarky opinions on the world at her personal blog: The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls